• Tachometer-ElectroBoard - Electric kick scooter 300 Watt - Display

TranceBoard M 25-9| Electric scooter with HUB-Motor (300W)

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  • Electric scooter with brushless Hub- (In-Wheel-) motors: 300W
  • Top Speed: up to 25 km/h, switch between 2 riding modes
  • Maximum grade: 30%
  • Combine arched limit skateboard design to absorb shocks
  • Safe start system: kick first and then move by electric power
  • Freewheeling when push: use the scooter like an ordinary kick-scooter
  • Regenerative Braking System: The battery will be charged while braking
  • Classic mechanic rear foot brake
  • Battery pack hidden in the pole of the electric scooter, USB-Charging Slot included
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (LiFePo4)36-40 km/22-25 miles
  • Charging time: 7 hours
  • Weight electric scooter, inlcuding battery pack: 9 kg
  • Size: 916 x 319 x 1163 mm; weight: 9kg
  • Material: aluminium alloy and canadian maple
  • Built-in electric horn and front LED light

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  • Available from 30th of August 2016! Very special pre-order-prices. The price will go up every week
  • Free shipping in EU & UK; global shipping: € 39,00
  • Delivery time in Europe: in 2-6 days after receiving the payment
  • Delivery time outside Europe with VAT-free invoice: in 1 to 3 weeks
  • Test: first two weeks costfree testing phase, if unhappy, send it back, we pay back the complete paid amount
  • 1 year of warranty for all parts, 6-month satisfaction guarantee: if unsatisfied, send back and get 80% of the paid amount back

ElectroBoard - Electric kick scooter 300 Watt-folded


TranceBoard | Electric scooter with HUB-Motor (300W)

Lightweight | Compact and Portable electric scooter

At just 8.0KG, the TranceBoard Scooter is the lightest electric kickstart scooter in the world. Easily foldable in less than 3 seconds, TranceBoard Scooter is extremely compact and portable.

Bring it on the Metro, tram or bus, store it in the back of your car boot or trolley it through the lobby to your office.

Our TranceBoard Electric Scooter equals convenience and ease.

Smart LCD Display

This electric scooter comes with an LCD display (with backlight) that shows your battery status, current speed and distance traveled. Highlights are the built-in electric horn and front LED light ensure that your ride is always a safe one. And the installed USB interface which can continually charge your mobile phone.

After precise calculation, the instantaneous output signals will be delivered to the remote controller and you will have the most efficient drive motor output. This gives you a more sensitive control experience. 


Tachometer-ElectroBoard - Electric kick scooter 300 Watt - Display

Powerful and Fast | Nimble

With a a long range lithium battery and despite being lightweight ,the TranceBoard Electric Scooter can last up to 40 km on a single charge. The battery charges up in up to 7 hours, when fully discharged. But, you should avoid fully discharging the battery pack, and also charging the battery completely, to enjoy a long battery life. For this reason, it is no problem, with modern lithium-ion-batteries to make short loading cycles „in between“.

Brake assist system

The TranceBoard electric Scooter comes with a front electromagnetic brake and rear manual brake. Both brakes are equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) commonly used in Formula One. This system helps to recover kinetic energy to recharge the battery. The scooter does not stop at once but reduces the speed and can be aided by the manual brake. So what are you waiting for. Order it now, and enjoy the very special price!

Front-wheel-ElectroBoard - Electric kick scooter 300 Watt

ElectroBoard - Electric kick scooter 300 Watt - rear reflective stripe


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