TranceBoard Raldey CARBON 33-6 | Electric Skateboard with Dual-Hub Motors | Battery hidden in the deck


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  • Electric carbon skateboard with 2 integrated Motors in the wheels
  • 1500 W per wheel, double Hub-Motor-drive
  • Top Speed: up to 33 km/h (18.6 mph, Dual-Hub-Motor)
  • Ability to drive in both directions, controlled by remote controller
  • Freewheeling when push: use the skateboard like an ordinary skateboard
  • Battery Range: Lithium-Ion Battery (6Ah, 36V, 216Wh) with more than 20 km/12 miles of range
  • Board: only 6,9 kg incl. all, 91cm x 25cm, designed for speed and agility
  • Test: first two weeks cost free trial period if unhappy, send it back, we pay back the complete paid amount
  • 1 year of warranty for all parts, 6-month satisfaction guarantee: if unsatisfied, send back and get 80% of the paid amount back
  • Available since Mai 2017, the new version includes the 216 Wh high capacity battery

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Video Tranceboard CARBON 33-6 | Electric Skateboard

TranceBoard CARBON 33-6 by Raldey | Electric Skateboard | Motors in wheels | Battery in the deck

Brandname: AquaVolta® Tranceboard 336 – Acceleration & braking by remote control | TRANCE-PORT-BOARD

A Hub-Motor (Motor IN-Wheel, IN-Wheel-Motor) powered electric skateboard represents the pinnacle of electric skateboard engineering for the ultimate in light weight performance. Especially when the battery pack is hidden in the deck, making the electric longboard appear like an ordinary longboard.

Finally bored by „the long and winding road“ of finding e-solutions?

Surf with our electric  (TranceBoard) to cross usual walkways, bike lanes and main streets – Find fun, relaxation and inspirations for new ways around the world from LA over NY to Berlin, Tokyo an back to Your roots… The first Oktoberfest-beer-transporter is only an example for your kick in creativity.

Unpacking Tranceboard CARBON 33-6 | Electric Skateboard

Our Vision for the future transport in cities


Imagine, an extra skateboard lane in the city, and in the city centre no cars allowed. This is possible, as the bike lanes did not exist always.

The TranceBoard CARBON 33-6 electric skateboard or electric longboard is in our view really the currently most fun providing tool in the world.

Especially the possibility of braking and simultaneous charging of the integrated battery increases the safety and the driving experience many times.

There is simply nothing like it currently on the market.

The electric skateboard’s acceleration is controlled by a handheld wireless remote. To turn you use your body weight as you would a normal longboard skateboard.

Pairing the remote controller with the TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon Electric Skateboard

When you receive your TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon Electric Skateboard, the remote control is mostly paired with the electric carbon skateboard. Before each electric skateboard send out, the remote controller and the electric skateboard is paired for you in advance. But the global shipping can cause the remote controller and the skateboard to disconnected. So if you receive your new skateboard, don’t rush to ride it.

First, check if the remote controller is paired, then charge the TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon Electric Skateboard completely. This is very important in order to set the lifespan of the battery as high as possible right from the beginning. Also try to not discharge the battery completely. Once the battery power gets less, the skateboard will first start beeping one time, when you accelerate, then 2 times, then 3 times.

When you hear 4 times beeping, even without accelerating, its best to stop to use the electric mode. As you have nearly friction on the freewheeling Hub-Motor-Wheels (In-Wheel-Motors), you can ride home by “good old mechanical feet power”;-)

Following the steps to pair the remote controller with the TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon Electric Skateboard

  • Turn on the board with the ON-OFF-Switch located at the bottom back side of the skateboard and keep pressing the power button for 5-6 seconds until power light keep blinking
  • Then turn on the remote controller. It will make a beeping sound
  • Insert a clip into the small hole at the backside of the remote controller and press it softly. You will feel a button inside.
  • Once paired successfully, both, the TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon and the remote lights will keep flashing

Brushless In Wheel Hub Motor - TranceBoard Carbon electric skateboardTranceBoard-D-35-7-Electric-Skateboard-HubMotor-wheels-800

The Motor-IN-Wheel (HUB) technology

The innovative Motor-IN-Wheel technology does not have a belt and runs almost without friction if not in use. It allows smooth acceleration with nearly no resistance of the wheels, this allows the TranceBoard CARBON 33-6 electric skateboard to glide like a traditional skateboard if you want.

Smooth, not abrupt braking

But also, if needed or wanted, you can brake or slow down smoothly thanks to the braking possibility of the remote controller. I can promise you, other electric skateboards brake mostly not smooth enough. Or the remote controller has only a short area of braking. That makes them dangerous, as you never now, when you ride in the street, and something unpredicted happens and you brake unconsciously, and you brake too fast. That means, the brakes will nearly fullstop in a short time and you can easily fall down.  The smooth brakes of the TranceBoard Carbon electro-skateboard makes it therefore the safest skateboard in the world: On the one hand, you can use the motors to accelerate, and then you can carve without the use of the motor, just like with normal longboards. What a lot of fun!

Hub-Motor | The Motors are integrated in the wheels



9 Advantages of a Motor IN-Wheel skateboard

  • Awsome and stealthy look: Electric driveline with motor including brake, battery and controls, all integrated and hidden in the electric skateboard. The aesthetics of the motor with the protection cover is sleek and amazing and most people will not even realize that your board is electric.
  • Less drag so less friction: Because there are no belts, the power output of the motor is the power the wheels will receive. No gearing ratios through belts to slow down the motor’s rotation. 1500 Watt of maximum power output from each integrated motor in each wheel.
  • Higher efficiency: Since there is less drag and friction, battery life and the skateboard’s range is extended.
  • Longer coasting: The absence of drag makes the Hub Motor Electric Skateboard feel and ride like a normal longboard or skateboard. When you should run out of battery life, you can skate it home easily.
  • Better startup: Again, because of no drag, the TranceBoard CARBON 33-7 can start from a standstill stop and go almost without experiencing clogging torque or shuddering starts, unlike belt-driven systems which needs a kick start every time before starting.
  • Better braking: During braking in belt-driven systems, the small motor’s pulley is being forced to continue rotation by the big wheel’s pulley. This makes the braking less effective and it takes longer to brake.
  • Less weight: Given these motors and trucks, the absence of motor mounts, belts and pulleys make the hub motors lighter.
  • Less maintenance: A limited maintenance requirement and a minimum of moving parts – No motor mounts, belts and/or pulleys to replace or adjust.
  • Ability to adjust deck height: The absence of these parts frees up a lot of space under the deck.


The Motor-IN-Wheel (MIW) is powerful and compact. Based on a compact Hub-motor the full power-train is located within the wheels

With this system every skateboarder can ride with freedom and almost no limitations. A real space and weight saver for electric skateboards and with the Dual-Motor-version it is an ideal solution for optimal weight distribution.

All-in-one: Traction and regenerative braking is included in the wheel.

The architecture of the Motor-IN-Wheel-drive is open to various requirements for torque, acceleration, speed and wheelbase. This power train immediately supports 1-wheel drive and also 2-wheel drive. The weight is light compared to ordinary electric skateboards and longboards, thanks to the integration of various components into the parts themselves. No battery, no motor in sight. People will not even realize that you are cruising on an electric skateboard, they will just wonder how you can ride so fast and so relaxed, unlike an ordinary skateboard.

What is an FOC-Controller?

Here is what Wikipedia says:

“Vector control, also called field-oriented control (FOC), is a variable-frequency drive (VFD) control method in which the stator currents of a three-phase AC electric motor are identified as two orthogonal components that can be visualized with a vector. One component defines the magnetic flux of the motor, the other the torque. The control system of the drive calculates the corresponding current component references from the flux and torque references given by the drive’s speed control. Typically proportional-integral (PI) controllers are used to keep the measured current components at their reference values.

The pulse-width modulation of the variable-frequency drive defines the transistor switching according to the stator voltage references that are the output of the PI current controllers. FOC is used to control AC synchronous and induction motors.

It was originally developed for high-performance motor applications that are required to operate smoothly over the full speed range, generate full torque at zero speed, and have high dynamic performance including fast acceleration and deceleration. However, it is becoming increasingly attractive for lower performance applications as well due to FOC’s motor size, cost and power consumption reduction superiority.

It is expected that with increasing computational power of the microprocessors it will eventually nearly universally displace single-variable scalar volts-per-Hertz (V/f) control.”

What features does an FOC-Controller has?

  • Generates full torque at a very low speed, lower energy consumption with higher performance, increased efficiency by 5% to 8% compared with other type of controllers
  • Longer riding distance with one single charge – the TranceBoard 33-6 rides up to 20 km far!! – And extended battery life, as the battery runs under smooth conditions with no excessive performance
  • Better ability to climb hills, up to 20% is possible, when you have enough acceleration before the hill
  • The used electric current is relatively low, its less than 9A
  • Quiet motor makes your skateboard also more efficient and reliable, as defects don’t occur easily, the heating problem is effectively solved
  • Small sized controller with high reliability

But What is the Difference Between FOC and VESC?

FOC-Controllers generate the highest torque at starting speeds with very low rounds per minute (RPM). The electric current is very low (less than 9A), extending the battery life and offering a far longer riding distance.

The Motor runs much more quiet and soft without any heating or loud motor sound issues.

This technology makes it possible, that the efficiency of the TranceBoard 33-6 Carbon Electric Skateboard is increased dramatically by 5%-8% than any other motor controller.

However, VESC-Controllers get the highest torque in a relative high speed, and the electric current is much larger than in FOC-Controllers, which can harm the skateboard battery and decrease its performance and efficiency.

VESC Controller versus FOC Controller nm-rmp-graph

But an FOC-Controller has also its disadvantages:

Braking is slightly softer (can be seen also as an advantage) and it does not bring the rider to a complete halt.

Honestly, I prefer, that my electric skateboard has a long life and does not heat up after 20 minutes fast riding and I enjoy it maybe more than 5 years before having to exchange the Hub Motor drive or the Controller. I always jump down when I arrive at my destination with full speed and break 5 meters before the arrival. Its so much fun!


Remote controller to switch to forward or backward, braking in both driving directions is possible

The electric skateboard’s acceleration is controlled by a wireless remote. To turn you use your body weight as you would a normal longboard skateboard. To slow down you push the trigger backwards on the handheld remote. The brake is firm when applied at medium to fast speeds and is very safe. The braking is softer at slow speeds and may not bring you to a complete halt. It has been designed to be as safe as possible For this reason, we can call the TranceBoard the safest Skateboard of the World. It should have been named Safeboard. Since other skateboards don’t stop in seconds when needed. That’s the most critical situation for a skateboarder, stopping in dangerous situations. Especially when you ride downhill.

11 things to consider when buying an electric skateboard

  • Drive System: Belt-driven or Motor-IN-Wheel? As the new innovation is Motor-IN-Wheel (in-Wheel Motor), there is no need for the old belt-driven skateboards. The IN-Wheel also produces less drag and friction.
  • Bearings: Electric skateboard producers are only using stainless steel bearings. We have not found one using ceramic bearings or at least ceramic ball bearings in stainless steel housing. With the first rainfall the bearings will start to rust, lowering the performance of the board.
  • Batteries hidden in the deck or under the deck? Batteries under the deck can take up your time since you need to maintain the battery pack. It also changes the aesthetics of the whole board.
  • Range: Consider what you’ll be using the board for. Carving? Fun? Commuting? Getting around on the weekends? All of them? Can you comfortably get there and back without worrying about mileage?
  • Weight: If you run out of juice are you going to be able to carry or kick push it home?
  • Performance: The difference in e-skateboards is akin to the differences between cars. You have boards that get you from A to B and then there are the ones that are a pure pleasure to ride. Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question – how would this board perform without the electric setup? There’s a big difference between an off-the-shelf electric skateboard vs. a quality longboard with a IN-Wheel-Motor. The wheels are particularly crucial to the overall ride performance.
  • Price: What are you getting for your money? Remember to compare apples and oranges: lithium batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries; professional branded skate parts are more expensive and much better quality than off-the-shelf boards from the other side of the world; a longer range means a more expensive battery has been used. Who has made/assembled the electric skateboard? Is it off-the-shelf from China where cost is the bottom line, or has it been made by someone who is an eboard rider and passionate about performance and quality? There is a large gap in the electric skateboard market in terms of price, materials used and quality. Rule of thumb is ‘you get what you pay for’.
  • Motor wattage: Don’t be fooled… a higher wattage motor does not always mean it has more torque or will be faster, this is often confused! Some companies advertise their maximum output wattage instead of their rated wattage (one company advertises their board as having a 400 watt motor when this is actually the maximum output and the rated output is only 150 watts). Gear ratios and motor controller parameters also affect torque in a huge way. By adjusting gear ratios on a motor it will affect torque and speed, just the same way a 10 speed racing bike does when you change gears for hills or flat riding. Check out videos and customer reviews to see if a board appears to have a decent amount of power. Also keep in mind though that the higher the motor wattage the louder it will be.
  • Two Motors vs. one Motor: 2 motors does sound good, however there are also limitations with this. 2 wheel resistance from the motors will, though nearly unnoticed, affect the roll compared to 1 wheel resistance so this means the battery will be depleted faster. 2 motors also means double the noise compared to 1. 2 belts are needed to drive 2 motors so keep this in mind for future maintenance, especially with belt driven electric skateboards, and obviously there are 2 times as many potential problems that can occur in the electric setup. 1 wheel drive allows for better turning, rolling and sliding but it’s also less powerful.
  • Spare parts and support: How long is the warranty? How often will you have to replace the belt and wheels or other parts and are they easily interchangeable? What is customer support like if ever there is an issue? This is hugely important as your board needs to stay on the road to be enjoyed.
  • Return policy: Does the seller have a return policy with at least two weeks of free money back warranty if unsatisfied? You wouldn’t want to get short changed.

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Unpacking TranceBoard CARBON 33-7 (7 kg Version from last year) | Electric Skateboard


2 Bewertungen für TranceBoard Raldey CARBON 33-6 | Electric Skateboard with Dual-Hub Motors | Battery hidden in the deck

  1. Kein Name

    Guten Tag.
    Ich besitze von ihnen eines der großartigen tranceboard carbon longboards.
    Irgendwann werden mal die hinteren Räder abgenutzt sein. Bekommt man bei Ihnen Ersatzteile dafür ? Nur das Gummi quasi welches man über den Motor steckt.
    Ein großartiges Board. Besser als die anderen 3 die ich besitze von Markenherstellern.
    Viele Grüße

    • Avatar-Foto

      Yasin Akgün

      Habe genug die original Mäntel für die beiden Antriebsmotoren, 2 Stück würden 20 Euro+ 6,50 Euro Versand kosten.
      Kannst Du jederzeit per Email bestellen.
      Nachdem ich ungefähr 15 verschiedene Elektroskateboards getestet habe, und nach wie vor diese Form des Transports als Hauptverkehrsmittel nutze, wenn es das Wetter zulässt, kann ich bestätigen:
      Nicht nur alles versteckt, sondern super schnell auf Höchstgeschwindigkeit, bis zu 18km weit, und das ganze mit einem Riesen Vorteil:
      Ohne Antrieb ist es das einzige Skateboard, was ich kenne, was wie ein normales Skateboard ohne große Reibung läuft. Andere Elektroskateboards reiben durch den Motorantrieb zu sehr, dass es keinen Spass macht, das Board als normales Skatebaord zu nutzen. Es ist anstrengender.Nicht so beim Tranceboard Carbon
      Das macht was aus, finde ich.
      Freu mich auf weitere Erfahrungen oder auch gerne mal Videos
      Bis bald, Yasin

  2. Felix

    Krasses Board was du da gebaut hast. Respekt.

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Specifications of the TranceBoard CARBON 33-6 electric longboard:


  • The available and most innovative electric longboard in the world
  • Motors: 2 Hub-motors (motors built into the wheel)
  • Hub Motor: Brushless direct current, 36V and 750W max. each, 85% efficiency
  • No load speed and current: 5280 rpm (revolutions per minute), 500mA
  • Top Speed: 33 km/h (18.6 mph)
  • Battery Range: more than 20 km/12 miles, Lithium-Ion Battery (LiFePo4 )
  • Battery Specifications: 36 V / 6 Ah, 216Wh, 90 Min charging time, > 500 cycles
  • Regenerative Braking System (RBS): The battery will be charged while braking
  • Board-Weight: only 6,9 kg including all (battery and deck)
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Waterproof and sand protected: sealed design prevents sand or water entering in the motors or other parts
  • Deck: designed for speed and agility, 91 x 25 x 13 cm (height with trucks and wheels)
  • Deck Material: Carbon fibre
  • Truck size: Custom design trucks, 200mm
  • Wheels: PU 83x52mm, 78A, steel layer inside PU tire to prevent heat melting
  • Remote controller: 2.4G wireless communication system, 2 standard AA batteries
  • Delivery Time in Europe, 1-3 days, more than 25 skateboards on stock
  • Shipping: Free shipping in EU, worldwide shipping € 39,90
  • Available since Mai 2017, the new version includes the 216 Wh high capacity battery
  • First two weeks a cost free trial period, if unhappy, send it back, we pay back the complete paid amount
  • 1 year of warranty for all parts, 6-month satisfaction guarantee, if unsatisfied, send it back and get 80% of the paid amount back

FAQ’s for electric skateboards and electric longboards

The board acceleration is controlled by a wireless remote. To turn you use your body weight as you would a normal longboard skateboard.

To slow down you push the trigger forward on the handheld remote. The brake is firm when applied at medium to fast speeds and is very safe. The braking is softer at slow speeds and may not bring you to a complete halt. It has been designed to be as safe as possible

For this reason, we can call the TranceBoard the safest Skateboard of the World. It should have been named Safeboard. As other skateboards don’t stop in seconds, if you need it. Thats the most critical situation for a skateboarder, stopping in dangerous situations. Especially when you ride downhill.

This varies depending on the rider’s weight, terrain and slope. On a good flat road/footpath the 2-motor electric longboard, the TranceBoard (Lofty Ambition) can reach speeds of 45 km per hour (28 mph). However the boards are not only about speed but also more-so about carving and cruising. It is so much fun, you need to try it out.

The Single Motor TranceBoard can reach a velocity of up to 33 km/h (21 mph), which is more than enough in our point of view.

Yes. Our electric skateboards can handle small to medium inclines up to 15% to 20% with no problems. Again it depends on the rider’s weight, terrain and how steep the hill is. It’s best to approach hills with some momentum for an easier climb. Constant hill riding is not advised as it puts a strain on the motor. Once you realize that the electric skateboard cannot accelerate anymore, you know you are too heavy or the hill is too steep. Better stop driving then.

Luckily the TranceBoard is equipped with an overload protection system, which hinders damage in the control unit of the electric skateboard.

Regenerative braking returns a charge to the battery whenever you command the board to slow down. Examples include braking to stop, braking whilst going down a hill or even braking whilst riding in reverse. Simply coasting, or riding with only the remote trigger engaged does not put any amount of charge back into the battery.

Long slow braking regenerates more energy than fast hard braking when coming to a stop in the same location. Coasting with the remote trigger released, however, is more efficient in conserving energy than frequently using regenerative braking. Push-kicking to start and then slowly engaging the throttle will also conserve more energy than accelerating from a full stop using only the motors.

Battery life depends on factors such as weight of the rider, terrain, inclines and also the way the rider uses the trigger.

The battery range of the Lithium -Ion Battery (LiFePo4 ) is with the double-IN-Wheel-Motor version of the TranceBoard more than 20 km / 12 miles.
Following the Battery Specifications: 36V x 6 Ah / 216 Wh, 1544 Gramms
Battery Charging Time takes up to three hours, an the integrated battery is more than 500 times rechargable. We protect our boards with a battery overcharge protection device (OPD) electronically against an overcharge / overload. This will extend the real battery life. You will never have the case that the freshly charged battery will overload/ overcharge when you first start to brake, charging the allready full battery. Other cheap electric skateboards don’t integrate such a protection system. It can even happen, that a fully charged battery explodes while charging through loading the battery while braking already from the start.

Remember for every Lithium battery: Don’t charge them always up to 100% and don’t deplete them until your device shuts off because of a low battery. The best practice is, not to load them up to 100% and not to completely deplete them, when you see 20%, load it again until 90%. Our intelligent battery deep discharge protection system and the overcharge protection system handles that for you in the TranceBoard electric skateboard.

The standard charger we offer will work at 110-240v 50/60hz which covers most of the countries. The plug is a European Standard plug or for other countries the typical US standard three prong NEMA 5-15 plug. Maybe you will need the appropriate plug adapter depending on your country.

Yes. Much better. Ceramic bearings don’t corrode, they selflubricate themselves, especially when water comes into contact with them. Ceramic bearings are lighter in weight, harder and stronger than steel, have lower rolling friction, and last so much longer. This makes the TranceBoard Ceramic bearings accelerate faster, roll farther, and last longer than polished steel ball bearings.

Maintaining your TranceBoard is very simple. None of the electrical or mechanical parts need to be serviced. Just routinely checking that screws and nuts are tight, bearings are clean and rolling freely, rotating your wheels and keeping your electric skateboard clean.

The TranceBoard is completely waterproof and sand and debris protected. From the In-Wheel Motors, the bearings, the controller and the battery pack you will have many years of fun cruising down the road or up the hills.

If one TranceBoard rides very closely (1-2 meters) to another , it will not interfere with one another. Also, other electric skateboard brands or electric vehicles will not interfere with our special remote control system. You just drive and have fun 😉

  1. After informing yourself, you order the Electric skateboard
  2. You pay by paypal the whole amount, and the paypal customer protection is in place
  3. We ship your electric longboard after receiving the payment globally without shipping costs
  4. You receive your skateboard the next day or the day after in Germany, or in the next 3-5 working days in Europe, or in the next 10-21 days outside of Europe.
  5. After receiving your TranceBoard (Lofty Ambition version) you use it the first two weeks, fall in the biggest love you felt for a product ever, and keep it.
  6. Or, you are not happy with it for whatever reason and you send it back to us in Germany, or, maybe even to the next client in your country. After receiving it, we transfer you back the complete paid amount again by Paypal. The cost-free testing time of 14 days starts when you receive the TranceBoard, and stops the day you ship it back. If it takes you 3 days longer, don’t worry, we are easy, we will not charge you for 3 days longer, but try to support us and make your decision the first 14 days after receiving it.
  7. In case you keep the TranceBoard after the first two weeks, as you love it like we do, you still test it for the next 5 months and 2 weeks. The money back warranty starts with receiving the electric skateboard, or any product of ours, and goes for exactly 6 months.
    In case we get in this time period the electric skateboard back, we will transfer 80% of the total paid amount back and the next client will be happy, to get your board for 20% less 😉
    6 months are enough time to become an expert, see other similar products. You can rest assured that we don’t offer this money back warranty just for marketing purposes. We only sell products which are produced with high quality components and don’t become defective. Our philosophy is: 0% defect rate strategy. We are fed up of repairing electric water ionizers for producing hydrogen and electron rich alkaline water, our main business. Like all our clients, we don’t want to buy products, which look good in the picture, but break easily or have other design flaws. We are on your side, as none of our products we sell for money. We sell them since all of the main products can make a big difference in these strange times. The oil industry and the banking cartell rules the world. This can be changed!
  8. Either way, you will be happy to have experienced such a new type of electric vehicle with four wheels. This policy of ours guarantees that all our clients can be sure that we sell only the best of the best products, test them then in the field, and those which come back too often, or which become defect, we stop selling. If not, it produces only unnecessary costs and effort on both sides. You can trust us, we are not ordinary resellers. We are pioneers!

For more information please see our Cost-free testing and 6 months money back warranty policies page.

Yes. Our electric skateboards can handle any type of weather. As long you don’t get too wet or dirty, our board will work properly, as all moving parts are completely sealed. Unlike other IN-Wheel-Motor competitors. This is not the case with our TranceBoard. The balls bearings are made of ceramic, the casing of the bearing is made of stainless steel. This configuration is the most effective one.

But be careful: Carving on wet surfaces may make the board slide out from under your feet.

Other advantages of using ceramic bearings is that they are non-corrosive, lighter in weight, harder and stronger than steel, have lower rolling friction, and last longer. This makes the TranceBoard Ceramic bearings accelerate faster, roll farther, and last longer than polished steel ball bearings.

Maintaining your TranceBoard is very simple. None of the electrical or mechanical parts need to be serviced. Just routinely checking that screws and nuts are tight, bearings are clean and rolling freely, rotating your wheels and keeping your electric skateboard clean.

The limit we suggest is 120 to 130kgs. Over this weight the board will loose some torque only noticeable on hills. But still, you can even drive two persons on the TranceBoard, one sitting in front, the other one standing at the back of the person with the remote controller in hand. But be aware, you can drive very fast, even with two persons.

If the TanceBoard’s grip tape is missing large sections and is no longer providing adequate traction it needs to be changed. If it is just dirty, you can use a commercial grip tape cleaner bar purchased from any skate shop or retailer.

Every board comes with a 12 month warranty for all parts against manufacturing defects. To arrange service for an electric skateboard under warranty please email us at . Customers will be responsible for shipping the electric skateboard back to us, we will pay the shipping costs back to the customer.

Soon we will have in the most important countries, such as the U.S.A. and Australia, service and shipping facilities, like this shipping will be fast and inexpensive.

No, while we have engineered the board to handle shock and vibration, riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, throwing the front down to the pavement, and other similar high impact events may damage internal electronic components over time. Try to avoid this as much as possible.

Yes, the TranceBoard has very little resistance which enables it to roll almost like a normal longboard / skatebaord when the power is off. Our big aim is that the resistance trough in the In-Wheel-Motor Drive and the ceramic, antioxidative bearings make the TranceBoard almost like a normal skateboard. A little bit of resistance is desired, as then, you stand more safely on the electric skateboard. That is especially important when somebody is for the first time on the skateboard. We will even integrate adjustable friction, produced by the IN-Wheel-Motors to make the electric skateboard also easy to ride for novices. It feels much safer when you feel a small resistance from the skateboard.

We do not expect any problems to occur as the chosen modules have high quality parts. But in case something happens, you can ask for an exchange part, which we will deliver free of charge to you, and you ship us the defective part.

Contact for any warranty or repair issues. If the board needs to be serviced it can be shipped to the Aquacentrum Munich, Fraunhoferstr. 13, 80469 Munich, Germany. Save your packaging for this purpose! Customers will be responsible for shipping to us, we will pay the shipping back to the customer.

Soon we will have in the most important countries such as the U.S.A. and Australia service and shipping facilities, so shipping will be fast and not expensive

No, as the skateboard is way too long. The hand luggage limit in airplanes is up to 60 cm / 23 inches. Also the battery is not allowed due to incidents of Lithium batteries of cheap electric vehicles such as Two-Wheel-Balance Boards