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Mp3 Language Lessons



You want to learn spanish? Or even brazilian portuguese? Or just english?

You should definitely start with english first, when you are not safe in it. Then you can go for the other languages, as most of my private language lessons are made for english speakers.

Just fill in the form and I will send you soon the desired language lesson. I bought the lessons, so I am giving it to you as a present. Hope you will use them.
Its mostly more than 1 GigaByte of Mp3-Files, zipped in one big file. It will take long time, depending on your internet connection.

You can trust me, 13 years ago, I was not even able to speak my mother tongue, turkish, but thanks to these language courses, i learned by just listening in public transportation ect..

It really works, especially the language lessons I offer you here. They are mostly 90 days, everyday 30 minutes to listen. But after 90 days, you will then have the basics and the 5 year process of perfecting the language can begin! Listen also to music in the desired language, and watch movies with subtitels!!

All best and share the language lessons